Grievance Chair Report


February – May 2022

Unit A

A-4.  Filed 10/26/2021.  EBMS not structurally ready to receive SED program leading to teacher injuries, lost learning time, and safety issues of staff and students.

  • Reviewed initially with the Superintendent at bi-weekly meeting on 11/1.

          Sent back to L1; met with Principal 11/12

  • Available technology supplied to program; BI office as self-care space; walkie talkies delivered
  • DENIED at L1 as pertains to EBMS
    • CEA move to L2 (11/30) to establish process/procedure for moving programs; seek reimbursement for any staff medical expenses as a result of EBMS move.
    • No response for meeting at L2; move to CER 12/22
  • RESOLVED at CER with the development of a process and procedure for moving Special Education Programs


A-5.  Filed 11/4/2021.  Unit A member suspended without just cause.  Meeting held at L1.  Response due 12/2.

    • No response at L1; move to L2, 12/6.
    • L1 response sent to member; no response for L2 meeting; move to L3 CER, meets 12/22
  • RESOLVED at CER – member’s suspension reduced to 3 days with completion of training by September 2022; in addition, investigatory practices will be reviewed with all Administration.


A-6.  Filed 11/16/2021.  Paying teachers for coverage on prep and planning, include duty period at CCHS and CHS.

  • L1 meeting held 11/29 with no meaningful discussion or resolution
  • Mutually agree to move to L2
  • Move to L2, 11/30; No response for L2 meeting; move to L3 CER to meet 12/22
  • Tabled on 12/22; ongoing discussions held January – April; will remain on agenda to monitor and Administration will re-issue contract language regarding the use of volunteers.
  • Still to be addressed – compensation of high school teachers and defining coverage


A-7.  Filed 12/6/2021.  Member preparing for and performing two jobs at the same time – interventionist and 4th grade teacher.

  • L1 meeting held 12/15 with Principal; Principal can reimburse for meetings, reports, and prep for meetings
  • Response from Principal due Jan. 3.
  • Denied at Level 1; moved to Level 2 and RESOLVED with payment for completion of progress reports


 A-8.  Filed 12/29/2021.  Member received an unjust letter of reprimand; there were continued investigation issues.

    • L1 meeting held on 1/20
    • Principal agrees to re-write letter as “documentation of a verbal conversation.
  • RESOLVED with re-written letter received 1/21.


A-9.  Filed 3/25/2022.  Member, whose job title is guidance counselor/behavior interventionist used as a full-day substitute 

    • Level 1 meeting held 3/31.  No response received after 7 days.
    • Moved to Level 2 and will meet 4/21.
  • RESOLVED at Level 2 with payment.


A-10.  Filed 3/28/2022.  Member injured by student in classroom.  Request procedures and protocols to be put in place and reimbursement for expenses.

    • Meeting held at Level 1, including Principal, Coordinator, SPED Director.
    • Filed grievance at Level 2 when not completely resolved.
    • Met at Level 2 on 4/12 – expenses paid with documentation and other support put in place.
  • RESOLVED at Level 2.


A-11.  Filed 4/5/2022.  Member denied religious leave by HR and Superintendent based on Google search and staffing.  Grievance filed based on contract language not stating approval is needed.

    • Filed at Level 2 and met on 4/13.  After confirming dates of activity, the days were approved.
  • RESOLVED at Level 2.

Unit B


B-1.  Filed 11/16/2021.  Academic Career and Technical Education Coordinator is responsible for discipline of a portion of the alphabet at CCHS, against job description.

    • Meeting held 11/29; possible to only handle CTE student discipline.
    • Further issues with discussion in building regarding member.
    • Will move to L2 and add “retaliation for union activity.”
  • RESOLVED at L2 with the following agreement:
    1. Discipline of students will continue until June 2022
    2. No student discipline in September 2022.
    3. Member will begin evaluation training and be assigned CTE teachers to evaluate in September 2022.
    4. The climate and functioning of the Administrative team at Comp will be addressed.


Unit E


E-4.  Filed 11/4/2021.  Member denied paid and unpaid LOA without complete FMLA paperwork.

  1. Meeting held at L2 (Super) on 11/12; denied FMLA because no follow-up care, according to Super; showed follow-up appointments as Super was missing information.
  2. DENIED at L2 because Unit E (paraprofessional) does not qualify for FMLA
  3. CEA move to L3, 11/30; CER meeting 12/22.
  4. Member resigned.  HR has established a new procedure for determining eligibility as a result of grievance.




  1. Spring 2021 Coaches’ Salaries prorated without notice.  Followed grievance process to Level 5 – arbitration.  Attorney assigned and scheduled for 1/27.
  • Hearing held and briefs prepared.
  • Decision received 4/6 – District must pay all coaches in the 2020-2021 season their full salary; found to have unilaterally changed salary without bargaining.
  • Arbitrator ruled in favor of CEA – all coaches from 2020-2021 school year will be paid full salary as Administration did not bargain any salary changes.