Frequently Asked Questions / Why do we need unions?

Labor unions have been an important part of this country’s history.  Many teachers and education employees have sacrificed for the rights we now enjoy.  These early pioneers, perhaps one of your parents or grandparents, knew that only within the Union could they achieve on-the-job dignity and be better assured of decent wages, health benefits, reasonable working conditions, and job security—all foundations of Union representation.  Employers are organized.  They form organizations such as local Chambers of Commerce and state business and manufacturers’ associations.  These organizations advance employer interests with the state legislature, in the courts and at the bargaining table.  The only way employees can provide a check and balance to this power is to organize into unions.  Our union also advances your interests within the state legislature, state government departments (i.e. the Department of Public Instruction, State OSHA, Department of Workforce Development, etc.).  Having a voice to represent our interests is just good common sense.

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