Frequently Asked Questions / When I’m asked to cover do I have to? What if I don’t want to?

All Unit A members have by contract agreement, one (1) preparation period per day. This is a duty-free period. If you are asked to work or cover a class during your prep and you:

  1. Volunteer to do so: You are paid $25.00 covering pay.
  2. Don’t want to but are ordered to do so: You are paid your per diem rate.

If your principal/school secretary asks you to work/cover during your prep, you are free to volunteer to do so.

But if you don’t want to, then you must say:

“ I will work or cover during my prep only if you are ordering me to do so, and if I am paid per diem.”

If your principal orders you to work, you must do so; but you should be paid your per diem rate. Please notify whoever does payroll in your building to pay you your per diem rate. Keep a record and check your paystub.

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