Energized from the Summer Conference

My Team's Message in the Emerging Leaders Program
My Team’s Message in the Emerging Leaders Program (Team Name:  We Are One)

Dear fellow members,

To help prepare for my new role as your new Corresponding Secretary, I attended a five-day workshop called Emerging Leaders at the MTA Summer Conference in Williamstown.  I spent 15 hours learning how to:

  1. identify objectives and understand why they are important to our members,
  2. how to set “winnable” goals,
  3. use effective communication skills (to our community as well as to our membership),
  4. identify and recruit union leaders,
  5. organize and build community support, and lastly,
  6. organize and build our local association’s union power.

I spent 21 hours practicing these skills.  I spent three (3) hours developing an actionable plan that I can bring to Chicopee that implements everything I learned.  I also spent 14 hours catching up with friends I made at the last summer conference and making new friends from other local associations.  I also had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with several local association Presidents, Board Members of MTA, staff of MTA, and members of the MTA leadership, including MTA President Barbara Madeloni.

Barbara charged me with a task:  Name the issues our local has, Analyze why and how these issues affect us, and Strategize what we can do to bring about real change.  I believe that together, with the support and camaraderie of the new MTA Leadership, we can accomplish this task and that real change is possible with union power.

In solidarity,

Jason Surprise
Corresponding Secretary
Chicopee Education Association