Educators Goals Bank

SMART Goal Framework

Specific: Goals should be explicit about what will change

Measurable: Goals should be able to be quantified and tracked with assessments and other data throughout the cycle, and when.

Attainable: Goals should be both challenging and realistic.

Results-focused: Goals should directly impact student learning.

Time-bound: Goals should provide a specific timeframe for completion, prior to the end date of the plan.  


Educator Goals Bank

The evaluation process is designed to support a continuous cycle of professional growth, driven by Student Learning and Professional Practice goals. This document contains a bank of strong goals that BPS teachers have written and will continue to be updated as more goals are collected. The goals in this bank are organized into the following categories:

Early Education Goals

Elementary & K-8 Goals

High School Goals

ELL Goals

SpEd Goals

Electives Goals

Caseload Educator Goals

Administrator Goals

Schoolwide Goals