Don’t Forget to Vote

Don’t forget to get out and vote on November 4th.

Check out the MTA website for important information about the issues that will be on the ballot this November.

Also, don’t forget to vote Yes on Question 4. 

Here is the information from the MTA website.

The MTA is among a coalition of more than 100 community, faith and labor organizations supporting Question 4, which would guarantee every worker in Massachusetts access to earned sick time.

In August, the MTA Board of Directors voted to support the question, which will appear on the November 4 ballot, reaffirming its unanimous decision of last fall to stand behind the sick-time initiative.

The ballot question would require companies with 11 or more employees to allow workers to earn up to 40 hours of paid sick time a year to visit the doctor or take care of a sick family member. At companies with 10 or fewer workers, employees would earn up to 40 hours of unpaid sick time.

MTA President Barbara Madeloni said the initiative is important as a matter of social equity. “More than 1 million working people in Massachusetts lack sick days, paid or unpaid, and they are often among the lowest-paid workers. How can we claim to care about children, families and communities when staying home with a sick child can cost you your job? We must fight for policies that support people being able to care for themselves, have full lives, and not be subject solely to the demands of employers.”

To learn more about earned sick-time initiative and get involved,