1. Get well Flowers were sent to Darlene Howe-Bowie.
  2. In memory of Roger E. Brach, father of Allison Swiatlowski – Bowie, a $25.00 donation was made to the Research Group of Dr. James Januzzi, Mass General Hospital, Boston, MA.
  3. In memory of Roger W. Denault, father of Joy Burke-Lambert-Lavoie and Jennifer Leland-Bowie,a $50.00 donation was made to the D’Amour Center for Cancer Care, BayState Health Foundation, Springfield, MA.
  4. A Sympathy Card was sent to Caitlin Fields-Bowie, whose grandmother and grandfather passed away within a short period of each other.
  5. A Sympathy Card was sent to Katelyn Hamelin-Fairview, whose grandfather recently passed away.
  6. A Congratulations Card was sent to Kate Lyons-Bowie, who recently gave birth to a son, Andrew.

Sherlene Hart thanked the CEA for the flowers she received.

Ann Kos – Corresponding Secretary