Corresponding Secretary

Here you’ll find the corresponding secretary’s report regarding what actions they have recently taken on behalf of the CEA.

14May 2018

In memory of Richard Grace, Chicopee Academy paraprofessional, a contribution was made to the CEA Scholarship fund and also to the American Diabetes Association in his name. Congratulations to Beth Coyle for two of her REACH students making it to … Continue reading

11Apr 2018

Congratulations to CHS English Teacher Siobhan Smalley for the birth of her son, McKinnan Michael Smalley! All CEA members are encouraged to donate to a GoFundMe page for Gina Briggs, Special Education Teacher at Dupont Middle School, whose house and … Continue reading

16Mar 2018

A $50 contribution was made to the family and $50 to the Rigby Archambault Scholarship Fund for the death of Chicopee Comp art teacher John Archambault.  The Rigby Archambault Schlolarship Fund is  through TD Bank, East Longmeadow Branch, 465 North … Continue reading

12Dec 2017

For December 13 Meeting   Congrats to Renee for winning a $100 Visa gift card from MTA’s Educators Insurance Agency!   Dec 1, 2017: A sympathy card was sent to Craig Smith, math teacher at CHS, for the loss of … Continue reading