• Chuck Clark
    “Coming together is a beginning. Staying together is a process. Working together is winning.” Henry Ford

5 October 2014

Last Wednesday, I spoke during the Public Input portion of the School Committee meeting.  I talked about an issue that runs like an underground river through some city schools.  Those standing in the trenches on the front line feel its icy fingers grasp their ankles.  The issue is fear.

A fear, felt by some members, that poisons their ability to teach and prevents their students from reaching their full learning potential.  It is the fear to speak up.  Some members are reluctant to speak to a union official for fear that their working conditions will worsen. Because they fear retaliation, they say nothing.  Maybe they have seen what happened to others who raised concerns.

Maybe their fear is real.

Please know that any supervisor who interferes with or prevents a union member from speaking to a union official is violating state labor law.  If you have a concern, contact your Building Representative.  The CEA is only as strong as its collective efforts.

To hear what I said to the School Committee, go to the You Tube link below: