Wednesday, September 17, 2014                                                                         3:15-5:15

Starting Time: 3:21                                                                  Adjournment Time: 5:



  1. Introductions
  2. Agenda
  3. Officer and Standing Committee Reports
  4. Old Business
  5. New Business
  6. Building Rep Training and Support


At 3:15, Chuck offered to delay start of meeting as we were in a new location.

Chuck starts introductions for everyone and asks that we give name before speak.


Motion to accept agenda by Donna, seconded by Josh. Approved

Chuck thanks everyone for coming and Fairview for hosting.


President’s Remarks

Meetings should be run according to our by-laws, civility, and Robert Rules. He offered Jason Surprise as parliamentarian. Proposed living & mutable guidelines for the meetings

  • Justice & courtesy for all
  • Do only one thing at a time
  • The majority rules
  • The minority must be heard.
  • Each proposition is entitled to full and free debate
  • The desires of the individual must be merged into the assembly.
  • The purpose is to facilitate action not to obstruct it.


Recording Secretary Report

Mention transition and this was Jean Sherlock’s last report as Recording Secretary.

Motion to accept by Jake, seconded by Christine. Accepted with a yay/nay vote.


Treasurer Report

Presented budget. She mentioned that at some point, we may wish to address slight losses.

Jim Clark asked when the last time the local dues have increased. They haven’t in Robbin’s memory. Robbin mentions that Unit E would be the most efficient increase ($1 or $2).

Susan wanted clarification on net ordinary income. Yes, we are operating at a slight loss, but we have a large current surplus.

Susan asks for clarification about scholarship fund. Explain fund raising (such as Christmas party)

Jim Clark motion to accept, Jason Surprise seconded. Accepted with a yay/nay vote.


Corresponding Secretary Report

Jason clarified his email address, which is posted on the bottom of Corresponding Secretary’s Report.

Stressed more information is better.

Mary Janik motion to accept, Jake seconded. Accepted with a yay/nay vote.


Grievance Chair Report

Mary Janik clarified meeting with Steve concerning grievance with keys taken for visitors.

Susan asked for clarification for Wi-Fi. Some teachers have access, others don’t. Especially concern for floating teachers.

Christine motion to accept, Jean seconded. Accepted with a yay/nay vote.


Standing Committee Reports

Membership Committee: Unit A 1003, Unit D 235, and Unit E 444. Mary Janik will offer lists for cross-checking. Robin puts forth that those members who don’t have MTA cards email bitkin@chicopee.k12.ma.us.


Social Committee: She is working on a social for new teachers and mentors. Working on scholarship event. Mary mentioned the lack of interest when applied last year. She will use the website to coordinate fundraising so efforts are not duplicated.

Jim Clark asks is any less than 5 years were at the board meeting. Only 2 were present. Chuck ask that we should spread the word to raise interest for our new teachers.


Negotiations Committee: Unit A bargain is coming along. Committee has agreed to a deadlock deadline October 31 with 4 meetings before then. General Meeting November 3rd which should be stressed to all members and we will post on our calendar. No current location for this meeting. Strong push to get us time for mandates. About half of our initial points were accepted. 13 major points will be discussed tomorrow. Unit A is the first to be followed.

Unit B is meeting in committee. Has not set up meeting with Human Resources.

Unit D has met a couple times with Human Resources. Very little change, just money.

Unit E is in similar situation as Unit D.


MassChild Initiative: Since 1996, help provide funding for students in need; academic or personal. Send emails to Christine Theroux, ctheroux@chicopee.k12.ma.us or ctheroux@chicopeeeducators.org. Christine offered her assistance with evaluation tool. Request for status update on grievance concerning Teachpoint and referred to Grievance Chair.


Building Rep Training, Sponsored by CEA and Facilitated by MTA: October 21 in Chicopee High School Cafeteria at 4:30-7, to ensure that building reps are prepared. Topics of interest:

  • Grievance process
  • Weingarten Rights
  • Responsibilities and roles in discipline meeting
  • Coverage procedure while in a meeting.
  • Chain of command, complaints vs. grievances
  • Contract familiarity for FAQs (see our FAQ page on the website) – Transfers, pay, dress
  • Build trust and comfort with consulting building reps
  • Create cheat sheet for complains/grievances

Everyone is welcome to this training and encourage to bring future reps


Old Business

Chuck raises MTA delegate convention, new business item 5 (approved 5/9/2014); to create a new member coordinator. Josh has already started work with new teacher orientation as a volunteer.

Just for New Teachers Conference for pedagogy. Cost is $60, suggest CEA can cover this. Flyer will be forth coming via email. New teacher applies within first 5 years. Located at Sheridan Four Points (in Boston). Save the date flyer in initial packet.

Jim Clark raises if this will be a permanent position, list of duties and stipend should be placed into by-laws.

Sherry raised that Paraprofessionals should have training as well.


Courtney Senquiz will work as our Political Action Leader (PAL). Our vote matters, especially now that primaries are done. MTA has put out flyers as well. Has contacted candidates without education stance/policy.


New Business

Mary Janik asks if font can be darkened on website. Web Master will make the adjustment.


Jim Clark concerned about use of student picture on the website. District has a very strict set of rules and guidelines. We can’t follow these, but we should have ones for ourselves as well. All involved in accordance.


There was a request for better/more convenient contact for executive board. Include phone numbers, emails, and perhaps on first drop down menu.


Chuck raises MTA delegate convention, new business item 6 (approved 5/9/2014); 3 year moratorium on PARCC for evaluation. MTA will organize member forums for issues and concerns pertaining to standardized testing. 3 forums have already been held. Consensus of overwhelmed. 23 sponsored forums. CEA sponsors one on 11/10/2014 from 4PM-6PM at Chicopee High School Cafeteria (Chicopee Public Library Community room was booked). Barbara Madeloni will attend every forum. It is open to all, not just CEA, encourage new people to attend.

Chuck and Jean both have attended two and highly recommend given that there is a lot of commonality. Jason Surprise has been to one and finds that the action portion is rewarding.


Appointment of Unit E Coordinator: Sharon Bienvenue, Christine seconded. Appointment confirmed via yay/nay vote.


Only some emails of interest for other positions. Chuck suggests reopening email applications.

Implementation Committee and Grievance Committee are filled.

Those who are still working, such as Sick Bank and PD committee, require reappointment but those currently working can continue working.


Building Rep Training

Present CEA Building Rep Responsibilities List


Sue gets questions about committee membership, and sick bank. She wants this information on the website for easy reference. We plan to do this. Contact is difficult to protect against spam. Clickable link on the website will send to Chuck, who will give at most 24 hour turnaround.


We can’t do Union business on company time. After school, before school, or at home.


Stress item 6 to give more information to corresponding secretary.


Uniserve Rep offers Charting Training. Number one goal is build the union. Messing up isn’t a big deal as only Treasurer can go to jail. Set up as similar to snow phone chain. ~5-6 people can be reached each day. The more we can divide, the more we can reach. It should be efficient and logical.

Middle Schools break down easy by team or perhaps lunch period.


Next meeting at Bowe