President’s Letter

These are not normal times so normal actions and reactions cannot be expected.

However, there are many and significant positives that are coming out of this paradigm shift:

As educators, this could be an opportunity to truly have a one on one relationship with our students that will impact them far greater than being in a classroom. We all know that whatever learning takes place will be more impactful by our newfound one on one relationships we are able to have online. We also know they will “learn” far more by those relationships, and our influence, than from any book. They have enough stress right now, I would ask we only focus on the positives. They hear the news, they feel how different the world is right now. We need to be the voice of reason and positivity to them. What a difference we can make in their world today.

As parents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, etc. this is our opportunity to reach out and “spend time” with our family. Children are scared. Adults are nervous. Try to be the calm. We can’t pretend it doesn’t exist, but we can be the voice of reason. We can be the instigators of happiness – walks together, games together, reading together, dancing together, singing together, loving each other. Calm voices and actions are what our loved ones need. We can do this!

As friends and colleagues, this is an opportunity to reach out more and spread the love through social media. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean no interaction. The internet provides us with amazing resources. There really is nothing more important than our family and friends. We have been given a chance of a lifetime to have time and opportunity to reach out to all those we love, those we haven’t connected with in far too long, those we barely know (facebook CAN have it’s upside). Pass on love and positivity. Pass along the amazing things that are occurring because of this situation. Share the love and let’s take control of this by spreading our joy.

The world will be changed after this, no doubt. Let’s change it for the better. Let’s set the example and follow the inspiring examples set by others. Let’s take advantage of opportunities we wouldn’t otherwise have, keep the faith in ourselves and others, and do what our hearts, not our fears, tell us is right to do.

Keep safe and healthy, my friends.

Mission Statement

Purpose: the CEA is an organization of educators dedicated to advancing and promoting quality public education, improving teaching and learning conditions, and protecting member’s rights.

The Chicopee Education Association is a member driven organization dedicated to improving the quality of public education, increasing student academic achievement, upholding professional standards, advancing the economic well being of our members, and protecting their rights.

CEA Vision Statement

Objective: within the next two years the CEA will become:

  • An innovative organization whose culture inspires our members to be the best they can be, and helps them to become it.
  • Advocates for learning and working conditions which ensure students and educators reach their full potential.
  • A respected voice on education policy and reform.